Friday, September 30, 2011

Huckleberry Finn- Chapters 36- to the end

In Chapter 36, Tom and Huck were still going out of their way to get Jim out of the shed. Finally Tom gives in and lets them use the shovels to dig a hole to get to Jim. They finally got to Jim again and he was excited to see them again as he always was. Tom warned Jim of their plans that they had to let him out but there would be a change every time something new came up. Tom came up with some of the dumbest idea’s and Huck never really agreed to them because Tom “knew everything’ since he had read it in the books. Tom thought it would be a good idea to hide things throughout Jim’s food that they brought to him. One time Tom put a candle in Jim’s food for him to find but Jim found it when he bit into the food.  That evening they were all in the shed when the other slaved hollered out “witches” because dogs were coming, so Tom threw out a piece of meat to distract the dogs from coming any further.

In Chapter 37, Tom and Huck start to get worried that they were going to get figured out. Tom’s aunt starts to notice that things are going missing and it drives her completely insane. She at first notices that the shirt is missing and then she picks up on everything else like the sheet, the candlesticks, and the spoons. She preaches to her husband about how everything is missing and blames the candles and the spoons on the rats. She sends her husband off to fill up the rat holes, but Huck and Tom had already done it. Tom also starts to get confused about the spoons as well because he thought there were nine but he didn’t know that Huck put one up his sleeve so Tom’s aunt wouldn’t notice when one was missing. That night she puts the sheet back on the line and tells them that she gives up on counting. They continue to steal things and out them back so the aunt won’t notice. They also finally figure out how to make the pie and feed it down the ladder so Jim could have it, while Nat the other slave wasn’t looking.

In Chapter 38, Jim and Tom are trying to decide what he is going to carve on the walls. Throughout this chapter Tom has to make everything more complicated than it really is. He at first wants Jim to carve it on a log of wood and then he decides that, that was too easy so he tells him to carve it on a rock. Then Tom tells Jim that he has to have a pet because all prisoners have pets, but Tom only names the animals that Jim is afraid of. He at first mentions spiders, rattlesnakes, garden snakes, and then rats. He said that Jim had to train it to become his pet and then he would be a real prisoner. The next thing Tom tells Jim to do is to grow some kind of flower with his tears, which seems unrealistic. There would be no way that Jim could grow a flower and it live, with his tears.

In Chapter 39, Tom and Huck are gathering all the things that Jim needs to be a real prisoner. When they go to find the snakes they cant and Huck tells us how scared Aunt Sally is of the snakes and she will whoop and holler when they’re around. Tom also thinks it’s a good idea to warn them because nobody pays attention to anything around there so if they had a warning then maybe they would pay attention. He gave them many warnings such as a letter, drawing pictures on the front and back door, and the final letter. They planned out as well for Huck to dress as a servant girl to deliver the first letter and for Tom to dress as Jim’s mother but he didn’t want to do so.

In Chapter 40, is when Jim finally gets away! That night right after supper Aunt Sally sent Tom and Huck right to bed. Huck sneaked back downstairs into the cellar to get more food while Tom was dressing up Jim as his mother with Aunt Sally’s gown. Huck got caught by Aunt Sally she took him into another room to question him that was filled with a lot of famers who had guns. The butter in Huck’s hat started to leak down his forehead but when Aunt Sally figured out what it was she just sent him back to bed. Tom, Jim, and Huck got out of the house easily and when they were ready they gave the signal and hurried off into the woods. While trying to escape, Tom’s pants got caught on a wire but he broke loose before the famers got to him. They sent the dogs out as well but they were the dogs that belonged to the family so the dogs just kept running when they figured out who it was. Finally, they got to the canoe and the raft and took off down the river. They were all so happy but then they realized that Tom had a bullet in his calf. Jim and Huck told him he didn’t have a choice and when they reached a village he was going to the doctor to get it taken care of.

In Chapter 41, the doctor goes with Huck to tend to Tom’s leg but he had to make up another story so the doctor wouldn’t tell anyone. Huck decides to get some sleep and then head back to his uncle’s house. He tells his uncle that Tom was supposed to meet them at the post office but when Tom doesn’t show up they go back home and everyone is all up roared about Jim escaping. It starts to become nighttime and Tom still isn’t back from “town” his uncle goes to look for him in town. When Tom’s Uncle returns home, Huck makes sure to stay clear of him because Huck is already a bad liar and he doesn’t want Tom’s Uncle questioning him. During the night Huck starts to get worried so he goes and checks on Tom a few times throughout the night and early that morning.

In Chapter 42, in the beginning Tom was still missing but not before too long he showed up on a mattress with doctor and Jim behind them in chains with a group of men. Tom was brought into the house, for he was out of his mind and he needed his rest. But Jim was sent back to the cabin and he was chained up good this time and was on a water and bread meal for some time. Huck went to visit Tom one afternoon when it was time for him to wake up and Aunt Sally was there as well. When Tom woke up he was as happy as could be and told Aunt Sally everything that had happened about them stealing Jim and all the things that go with it. Not before too long, Aunt Polly showed up and she knew the truth all along because she had Tom’s brother Sid with her at her home. Aunt Sally was furious with Tom and she warned him never to do it again or there would be consequences. Also, Aunt Polly confessed that Jim was a free slave because it Miss Watson’s will after she died, she wrote in it that Jim was to be freed, so Huck and Tom did all that work for nothing.

In the final Chapter, Huck asks Tom what the plan was all along when Jim was free. Tom tells him that they were going to march through town and show everyone what a great deal of a person Jim was. The doctor also told Aunt Sally and them what a great help Jim was to him and so they fed him all he wanted and clothed him. Tom also pays Jim forty dollars for being a good slave and Jim was excited because now he thought he was a rich man. Huck also learns that the man in the house that they found dead earlier was his father and he wouldn’t have to worry with him no more and he could get his money from the Judge. Aunt Sally also wanted to adopt Huck and take care of them but Huck wasn’t sure of the situation because he had already been there and done that before. 

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