Thursday, September 29, 2011

Huckleberry Finn- Chapters 25-30

In Chapters 25 through 27, Huck tells about all of the things that happen once they reach the dead mans home. When they finally arrive there were a lot of people gathered at his home sobbing and praying for his family. The Duke and the Lord were greeted by their three “nieces” at the door and then they went inside to see the deceased man. They gathered around his coffin sobbing and praying and acting like a family would if someone in their actual family died. After Mary Jane got the letter, they read aloud their “brother’s” wishes and went into the cellar to retrieve the money. They come up with the solution to give it to their “nieces,” knowing that it would probably be returned back to them. When they returned back upstairs and made their speech, they didn’t notice that the doctor was amongst the crowd and was listening carefully to their speech. He then started raising all kinds of fuss, saying that they were liars and he knew the deceased man very well and his brothers and these men were frauds. But the crowd went against him and tried to convince him that he was confused but he was dead set on the King and the Duke being frauds.
The next day at dinner, Huck waits on everyone so patiently and then has supper with one of the daughters after everyone else had eaten. While eating supper, the girl questions him about numerous things that happened in England and Huck was beginning to dig himself into a hole because he didn’t know the answers. The other two sisters finally walk in and scold her for being so nosy and make her apologize to Huck. Huck starts to feel really bad for not telling anyone what he knows about the two “brothers.” He comes up with a plan that he has to steal the money and hide it somewhere and a little while later write Mary Jane a letter and tell her the whole story. He goes into the Lord’s room and tries to find the money but has to hide because the Lord and the Duke enter the room. After listening to their conversation, Huck figures out where the money is and takes it once they leave the room.
That night Huck sneaks out of his room with the money, hoping to find somewhere to hide it. He made sure that everyone was asleep and then crept downstairs with the money. All of a sudden he hears someone, so he stashes the money in the coffin and hides. He learns that it was Mary Jane and she sits beside her fathers coffin and weeps over him. After she leaves, Huck is afraid to get the money again so he goes back upstairs and goes to sleep. He never retrieves the money out of the coffin and the next day when people start to arrive for the funeral, Huck gets suspicious of what is going to happen. Huck never figured out if someone removed the money out of the coffin, but once the funeral was over, the Duke and the Lord didn’t waste one minute in telling everyone that they had to get going and they needed to figure out what to do with the estate. They sold the slaves, which caused a lot of problems throughout the town because the mother and her two sons were separated. Not too much longer, the Duke and the Lord come and questioned Huck about the money because they had figured out that it was gone. Huck told them that he hadn’t been in their room since Mary Jane showed them the room and he had only seen the slaves go in and out of their. Huck was relieved that he had come up with such a great excuse because there was no way that the slaves could get in trouble.

In Chapters 28 through 30, Huck finally tells Mary Jane what was going on with her two “uncles.” He comes up with this idea of her leaving and if he is not back by eleven that night then she will know that he got away safely. She agrees with Huck’s plan and once he is gone she will tell the people in town about the frauds. Mary Jane leaves early that morning and Huck tells everyone that she is going to visit a sick friend but she will return. While she is gone her “uncles” sell everything. The next day two men ride through the town and everybody was curious as to what was going on. They soon proclaimed that they were the deceased man’s two brothers and one of them had a broken arm and the other man was dead and mute. They told everyone that they were telling the truth but they lost their baggage on the way in and they would reside at a hotel until they got it back. The doctor and the lawyer became curious of the new men that had entered their town and wanted to get to the bottom of the situation so they set down both sets of brothers and had them write a little scribble of something on a paper to prove which ones were his real brothers. They had a copy of some of the letters that the real brothers had written their deceased brother and they compared it to what the men wrote on the paper. The Duke and the Lord’s handwriting was nothing like what was on the paper and the other two brothers, one of them wrote on the paper but the other one couldn’t because of his broken arm. The brother that wrote on the paper proclaimed that he had horrible handwriting and he always had his brother write his letters for him. Well this wasn’t good enough proof for the doctor and the lawyer so, the real brother spoke up and asked them if they remembered what was written on their dead brothers chest when they buried him. The King and the Lord had no clue so they made up that there was a blue arrow on it and the other brothers knew that his initials were on it. The doctor and the lawyer didn’t recall either one so they carried both sets of brothers and Huck to the graveyard to dig up the dead man to find out. When they opened up the coffin they discovered the gold was in there and everyone forgot about the tattoo, which is when Huck escaped. He ran fast into town and got a canoe and found Jim as fast as they could and they started off down the river. Before they got too far, here come the King and the Duke fussing about how they thought that they were leaving them. Huck made up some crazy story and got off the hook with them about why he left. The King and the Duke got into a fight about why the money was in the coffin but eventually the King said that he put it in there so the fighting would stop. Once they went to sleep, Huck and Jim stayed up all night and Huck told him everything. 

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