Thursday, September 29, 2011

Huckleberry Finn- Chapters 31- 35

In Chapter 31, Huck talks about how the Lord and the Duke still continued to go throughout different towns and try to hoax people with their shows to get money. One day the Lord went into town and he told Huck and the Duke that if he didn’t return by noon then it was safe and they could come too. They ended up going into the town and after they had been there a little while Huck escaped from their presence and went back to get Jim so they could get away from the Lord and the Duke. When he went back, Jim was gone! He looked and called everywhere for Jim but he was nowhere to be found. He started off for town and he asked someone along the streets if they had seen him and they told him that he was at the Phelp’s place, that Mr. Phelps had bought him for forty dollars from someone and was wanting the two hundred dollar reward. Huck was confused on what he was supposed to do, should he write a letter to Miss Watson saying where Jim was? Or should he try to get Jim back and continue on their journey. He debated this for a while and even tried to pray about it but he couldn’t because he knew either way it was wrong. Huck ended up going to the Phelps farm and he accidently ran into the Lord. He told the Lord everything that happened and the Lord told him that he was the one that sold Jim. He told Huck that if he wanted to get Jim back that he had to promise that they wouldn’t “blow” on them and he would go away for the three days that they were partaking in the show. He sent Huck forty miles out of the town to look for Jim but Huck wasn’t stupid and he turned around as soon as he knew the Lord wasn’t looking.

In Chapter 32, Huck goes onto the plantation of Mr. Phelp to look for Jim. On his way there he runs into a slave woman and her children and she claimed, “It’s you, at last! ain’t it?” Huck was startled and just agreed and with everything the woman asked him about Tom. The woman wanted to play a trick on her husband and when he returns home she asked him if Tom had come back yet and when he responded no, he turned towards the window and then Huck came out. Everyone was really starting to believe that Huck was Tom. When Huck found out that they that they thought he was Tom Sawyer, he was relieved because he knew that part, after all Tom was his best friend.

In Chapter 33, Huck goes back into town and he stumbles upon Tom Sawyer himself! Tom at first doesn’t believe it’s Huck because after all Huck was dead according to everyone in town. Eventually Tom believed it was Huck and Huck told him everything that was going on. To Huck’s surprise Tom agreed to help him steal Jim back from the Phelps. Huck and Tom come up with a plan and Huck started back for the house and a few minutes later Tom came as well. The family was awfully excited to see strangers and invited them in for dinner. Tom’s aunt was so glad to see him and she hugged and kissed him over and over until Tom said that he was his brother Sid. But even after he said that she still hugged and kissed him as well. That evening at dinner they all had a great deal of conversation and Huck and Tom listened out for the mention of a runaway slave but they never spoke one word of it. That night Huck and Tom stayed in the same room and they escaped out the window a little after dinner and went into town. The family had mentioned the show and Huck knew exactly what they were talking about, the Lord and the Duke’s show. They ran into them on their walk there and they had been tore to pieces from the audience that trampled the stage. Like Huck usually did, his conscious kicked in and he felt bad for what had happened to them.

In Chapter 34, Tom and Huck talk about how they are going to set Jim free. When Huck tells Tom his plans he proclaims that Huck’s plan is too plain and there needs to be more adventure in it. They sneak around that night and break into the shed to see if anyone is in there, because the days before they saw one of the other slaves take food to the shed. When they break into the shed there wasn’t anyone in there. Later that day they hang around the plantation and see the slave that carried the food out to the shed. They go where he’s at and make conversation with him until they get out of him what was in the shed. He takes them with him to deliver the food and sure enough Jim was sitting in the shed. He was so excited to see Huck and Tom, but quickly enough they changed the situation up and said that they didn’t know each other so the other slave wouldn’t get suspicious. They told Jim that they were going to get him free and they would be back later that night.

In Chapter 35, Huck and Tom are still trying to get Jim out. They go on a lot of adventures to get him out and Tom makes sure that everything they do is a challenge to make the adventure more interesting. They steal everything they need and when they go to steal the watermelon, Tom makes sure they pay for that so people don’t get suspicious. Tom even goes as far as to say that they are going to saw Jim’s leg off to get him free. Tom still thinks he knows everything and Huck has to listen to him because he read about it in the books. Tom just tries to make everything complicated about getting Jim out of that shed so it would be more fun for him, when really it was bothering Huck. If I were Huck I would not have put up with Tom’s ignorant behavior. Huck should have just did what he thought was right as well as quick and easy for saving Jim from the shed.

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