Monday, November 28, 2011

Feed Part 4

     Titus finally arrived at the hospital with Violet and he had to sit outside patiently waiting for the doctor to come out to tell him the results. One of the nurses come out and told him there was some complications and the doctor would be out shortly, but Titus was beginning to grow impatient with them, so he paced back and forth down the hall way of the waiting room.
     Finally her dad arrived and he went in the room at once. When he walked back outside he sat down and Titus approached him. He told Titus that she was okay and after a while he went in to see her. She was covered in cables and Titus was afraid to get near her. They were chatting back and forth and she told him that she was going to be fine for a little while and he was worried about her. He left when the orb came in and went with his mom to Link's house to get his upcar. That night he ate dinner at home and watched the feed instead of doing his homework. When he fell asleep that night he dreamed of Violet.
     The next day Titus went to Violets house and it just seemed awkward between them. Violet kept rambling on and on about things that she wanted to do with her life before she died. Titus didn't really have a lot to say and it seemed like he didn't really care either. She had a whole list of things to do with him and enjoy all different types of things. When it came to a response from him, he didn't really have a a lot to say to her. Violet and her father called the feedtech because they wanted to petition that they needed help paying for the research and repairs. Her father threatened to take their business elsewhere but it doesn't seem like it mattered to the company because after they replied to Violet and her father, they didn't have anything else to say.
     The next day Titus went and saw Quendy and told her how sorry Violet was. He wanted her to know that it wasn't her fault, it was just the feed malfunctioning and messing with her brain. Quendy understood and told him to not treat Violet like she was "low-grade." That it wasn't Violet's fault that this was happening and Quendy found a link showing Titus what was happening to her so he would understand it better.
     That night while Titus was sleeping, Violet left him a message at three in the morning. She was telling him how she couldn't sleep and how her parents never had a feed because they were too expensive when they first came out for her family to get one. She also told him how her leg went numb earlier that day but it went back to normal and here was nothing more to say about it. She told him she hoped he was okay this morning and that she knew he was acting distant towards her. When Titus listened to the message the next morning and he could smell the distinct smell of the hospital. He was hoping the shower he took would get rid of the smell but it didn't. He finished listening to the message on the way to school and he just sat in his upcar as everyone raced inside so they wouldn't be late for school. He mentioned how the leaves outside the school turned red showing he was late. I thought that was kind of cool how the surroundings outside changed.
     The next chapter was just a list of things that Violet was telling Titus she wanted to do before she died. She kept naming things and putting him in the situation as if they were going to be together forever. I don't think she realized that Titus was distancing himself from her day by day. Titus couldn't focus in school that day. He seemed like he was changing ever since the situation with Violet. He didn't even listen to her list all the way through. He would just go back and forth listening to different parts as if he didn't care. Violet had tried chatting Titus for a few times but he kept ignoring her. He went over the Link's house where him and Marty were at and asked them to go in mal with him. Once they got in mal they were out of their mind. They ended up at the ice cream store and don't know how they got there and went to the mall as well. Violet tried chatting Titus again and when she got him to answer he told her that he was coming to her house. She could tell that he was too "whacked" out of his mind to drive and she begged him not to but he did it anyways. When he got there he noticed how her hair was different and she met him outside because she didn't want her dad to know. She was trying to tell him about how her dad had given up on teaching her but Titus was so "in mal" that he couldn't pay her any attention and finally he fell asleep on the ground.
     Titus got a message from Violet while he was sleeping and it was how her morning went. He was put into her place and viewed the events that happened while he was ignoring her. She went numb like she had been doing and fell down the stairs. The feedtech came on once she had fallen and told her that she wasn't available to be helped out for her condition and they couldn't invest in her. Titus could just see her
lying there on the floor waiting for her dad to come and help her up. After he had woken up they just sat there in the grass and talked. He began to feel bad because he hadn't done anything to help her and he felt as if they weren't dating anymore. He kept wanting to touch her and trying to do things to get her to touch him but she didn't catch onto the hint. He told her he needed to leave and when he went to leave he waited for her to kiss him but she didn't. The next day Violet's arms stopped working and she had to be sedated to calm her down.
    Later on Violet started to send Titus another message and he could tell that it was going to be a long one. She told him in the message that she was scared to loose all of her memories so she was going to send them all to him and then one day when she wanted to know them he could tell them to her. He never opened up any of the memories but he could feel them coming in and they were starting to give him a headache. He deleted everyone of her memories, which was a jerkish move to me. Those were her memories that she had of her past and she trusted him with those and he just deleted them. He was turning into someone that she didn't know and you could tell he was distancing himself majorly from her.
     The next day Violet just randomly appeared at Titus's house without him knowing. His mom sent her up to his room and she asked him if he wanted to go to the mountains with her. He at first turned her down and said he had plans, which he didn't, and she got angry with him. She sent him pictures of the cabin and things and finally convinced him to go with her. Titus was really being a jerk to her and he also told her he never got her memories or her messages from the chat. They finally left for the mountains and Violet could tell that there was something wrong with Titus. They got to the mountains and she was so excited about everything. She had put the room in under as Mr. and Mrs. Smith and they got their bags and went  to the room. Later on they went to tour the mountains and things around it and Titus just kept realizing how stupid it was for him to be there. They ended up getting into a huge fight and leaving the mountains. He took her back home and they kept arguing on the way there. Her arm had went numb and she was crying too. When they got home her dad got her out of the upcar and Titus left.
     She sent him the next day apologizing for some of the things she said and that she loved him and wanted to talk. He completely ignored her message again and went to play basketball with Link.
     The summer when they got out of school, Titus and his friends flew to Jupiter to stay with Marty's aunt for a little while. At that time Titus was dating Quendy at the time and he seemed to really like her. He talked about how people were freezing up and it was freaking everyone out. This chapter was a little confusing because I didn't really understand what they were talking about. Titus just kept feeling like he was trying to catch up with the new things in society but he always felt like he was running.
     Finally, Titus's dad came back form his trip that he went on with work. He showed them a video of the trip and things that happened during it. When the family was watching the feed that their father had shown them they picked up on the fact that he kept looking down the V.P.'s shirt. When the video was over Titus's mom was freaking out on him and was fussing about what was in the video. Titus had gotten a message during the video that there was something wrong with Violet and he needed to come. When he got there to her house, it was all dark and quiet and her father pointed him to her room. When he got to her room, she was just lying there. She couldn't speak, she couldn't talk, she just lay there like a vegetable. In todays terms you would say she was in a coma. Her dad started to talk to him and it turned into her father yelling at him over and over. He was partially blaming the situation on Titus because Titus was the one who introduced her to all these new things. Her father also blamed himself, for getting her the feed in general. He didn't want to get her one, but from a experience he had, he knew that she would suffer without one. Titus just left and that night he lay there ordering pants after pants, even though he had no credit.
     A few days later, Titus dressed nicely and went to visit Violet. When he got there he went in and sat by her bed. He just held her hand and she lay there not saying a word. He told her about the things she liked, all the new things happening in the world. He also told her the story of them because he didn't want to forget her. He cried for the first time while he was with her because he realized that she was dying. As he told her the story, her heartbeat got slower and slower.

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