Monday, December 5, 2011

Feed Overall

I overall really enjoyed reading Feed because it showed the way society changed so much over time. They completely functioned and interacted different with other people. They really didn't interact with other people like we do today which is sad. They don't have normal conversations face to face and they don't even have children the same way anymore. Their society was completely different from anything we are accustomed to. Violet was my favorite character out of the novel because she was the only one who understood how the way they were acting was depleting the world. She wasn't accustomed to having the feed since she was little, so therefore she knew what it was like to be a real human being. Her having the feed degenerating inside of her, which was killing her made it seem more realistic that the feed was the best thing in the world to have. There were a bunch of malfunctions with the feed and she was living proof that having the feed was not necessary. The book made you appreciate the way things are today because the way that they lived in the book didn't seem like it was all that great.

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  1. I agree that the feed isn't necessary! Violet points out that 27% of people don't have the feed! It's this group of people that have the feed that are really ruining the world if you think about it. These little pods that everyone lives in because the environment is pretty much gone. You don't need trees if you have air factories, right?