Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web is one of the oldest movies that I can still remember to this day. The very end of the movie is the saddest part of all and it was the piece that was taken out of the story for us to read. It starts out with Charlotte and Wilbur in the stall they were placed in at the fair grounds. Wilbur had just won first prize at the fair and he was very proud of the metal he was wearing around his neck. Wilbur and Charlotte were talking about how they were soon to be going back home when Charlotte broke the news to Wilbur that she would not be returning with them. Wilbur threw a fit and whined about it because he didn't understand. Charlotte explained to him that she was becoming very weak and wouldn't make it but only a few more days. Wilbur finally understood where she was coming from and he decided that he was going to take her sacs of eggs that would soon become babies with him. He had to beg and bribe Templeton, the rat, to get the egg sac down from the web and finally with the bribing of food, Templeton got down Charlotte's babies. Wilbur carried the sac in his mouth home and they finally broke loose from the sac and took Charlotte's place in spinning webs at the door. Charlotte finally died a few days after everyone had left the fair grounds. Wilbur said that he would never forget her because she was a great friend and also a good writer as well.

In the beginning in paragraph two, Charlotte was trying to easily tell Wilbur that she wasn't feeling well at the time but he wasn't understanding what was going on with her. Wilbur was still very young and Charlotte kind of took the mother role in his life. She meant a lot to him and it seemed like he would do anything for her. This story even though its super old, still makes me sad, because its kind of like loosing your best friend..no one would want to go through that, human or animal.


  1. It is definitely sad to lose a best friend, no matter who it is. How do you think this loss affected Wilbur for the rest of his life?

    What do you think of the way Templeton acted when Wilbur asked him to go get the sac?

  2. I think the lost really probably did tear apart Wilbur at first but he lived her life through her children and knew that he did the right thing by taking her children home with him to make sure that they have a stable environment to live in.

    I was pissed at Templeton because he wouldn't get the sac down out of the kindness in his heart, that he had to be bribed to do Wilbur a favor. The favor wasn't anything that would benefit Wilbur, but it was because Wilbur was trying to do a good deed for Charlotte. Templeton is greedy and was only thinking of himself.

  3. From the class discussion, Templeton was the main topic and how he was greedy for putting Wilbur on the edge of nervousness because he was taking his time to get the sac down from the web.

    I can understand why Templeton was mad at Wilbur because he kept doing all theses things for him and never heard a thank you or got anything in return for helping Wilbur soo much. Templeton kind of made it seem like he was unwanted too, because after all he is just a rat and we relate rats to being sneaky and gross.

    But I can also understand why Wilbur wanted the babies to go home with him, because Wilbur was already loosing his best friend, Charlotte, so maybe having her children at home with them would comfort him and make him feel better about the situation.