Saturday, November 5, 2011

Feed Part One

In Feed Part One, Titus and his friends decide to go to the moon for their spring break. On their ride there Titus is trying to sleep but his friends keep making so much noise to the point where he can't sleep. His friends Marty and Link kept playing around and when they reached the no gravity zone, Titus finally gave up. They got to the hotel that they were going to be staying at and it seemed kind of sketchy to them but Marty reassured him that it would be fine. When Titus got to the moon he was saying how he wanted to "hook up" with someone because he felt lonely all the time. He hadn't been with anyone in a while and he always felt lonely, even when people were with him. Once the girls put their stuff in their room and the guys as well, then they walked around and tried to find something to do. The group tried to get into this college party but when they attempted to get in the college kids just looked at them like they were crazy. They all kept complaining about their lesions on their bodies that were oozing liquid and gross stuff out of them. The lesions were on a different part of the each one of their bodies and they continued to spread. The group then decided to go to the Ricochet Lounge. In the Ricochet Lounge you put on helmets and pounded in to each other and the walls as well. Titus didn't really want to participate in the game so he just stood in the corner and admired this girl that had just walked in the Ricochet Lounge. Titus was extremely attracted to her and he couldn't figure out why. She was wearing unfamiliar clothes, a gray wool dress, and sat in the corner at the snack bar by herself. Titus sat in the corner of the Ricochet Lounge and admired her. She pushed her juice out of her mouth hoping no one was watching and she watched as it floated in the air and then sucked in back into her mouth. He was hoping that none of his friends would say anything to him and they didn't. Marty and Link kept playing in the Ricochet Lounge and they kept getting rougher and rougher and finally the manager said something to them so they had to leave the lounge. The girls went to the bathroom to fix their hair, because their hairstyles had changed and when they returned Quendy was complaining because no one told her that her lesion had spread. The guys told her it was fine and that it wasn't noticeable. She didn't believe them so they told her to ask the girl over there (referring to the girl that Titus had been admiring). When she asked her the girl responded and said that it wasn't as bad as she thought it was because it was within the lines. If it crossed over the lines then it would appear more clearly to everyone. The girl showed them her lesion which was on her neck and she said how she was wanting it to spread around her neck so it would form like a necklace. They finally left the Ricochet Lounge and tried to find something else to do. The guys kept hitting on Violet and asking her questions about their lesions, which disgusted her and she was hoping that Titus was going to say something flirty as well but he didn't which surprised her. The girls kept playing with Quendy's hair to fix it so it showed off her lesion. They couldn't find anything to do so they decided to get drunk and go to a club. They went to this place where they thought they could get fake ID's but it was closed down. So they tried to break into the mini bar, but that didn't work either. So they decided to go to the club sober. Violet felt very uncomfortable in the club because she had never been dancing before. Violet and Titus began to talk and he didn't seem to be as interested in her as he thought he was but all of a sudden the gravity cut off and Violet grabbed Titus's arm and apologized for it. An older man then began to speak to them and say "we enter a time of calamity" over the speakers. The police finally came and beat the man over the head so he would shut up and they warned the kids that they're chips were about to be cut off. When the chips cut off everyone dropped to the ground. 

At first when I started to read Feed, I didn't understand any of their language, well the way they worded some of the things, like "null" and "meg." After reading for a while I was able to translate their words and understand what they were talking about. I didn't understand what the "feed" chip was in their brains     either. I finally got that the chip was kind of like a little dictionary/advice giver in their brain that helped the out when they needed it. It also provided them with shows to watch and stuff like that whenever they wanted. So it was kind of like a portable tv, dictionary, and therapist all in one. 

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