Tuesday, November 8, 2011

From Blossoms

When I first read this poem, I knew it was about peaches but I also could tell there was a deeper meaning to it and I couldn't figure it out until we had the class discussion on it. The poem seems like its in the perspective of a young or older couple. The author uses "we" a lot, which is what made me think that it was referring to more than one person's perspective. In the beginning it says "we bought from the boy at the bend in the road where we turned towards signs painted Peaches." This line kind of seems like the couple that was traveling along had no intention of buying peaches, they just stumbled upon the signs and didn't pass up the opportunity. The poem kind of is making symbolism to me with the peaches referring to someones life maybe. Like you go through good experiences and you go through bad ones, but you just keep moving forward regardless of the situations. When the author says "peaches we devour, dusty skin and all, comes the familiar dust of summer, dust we eat," kind of uses the peach representing life, like saying that not everything comes as desired but you just keep moving along with it. 

"O, to take what we love inside, to carry within us an orchard," this line seems like the author is saying take the good things or memories and cherish them inside to carry within you and you can always relive those moments in your head regardless of the new memories or adventures you face..you'll always have those good moments in your memory.

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  1. Love it Khrystal! I think a lot of people in class were narrowing it down to a certain thing, for example they were talking about how it could be a relationship between two people, or I said parents and their children. I think looking at it comparing to life in general is so wonderful, and I definitely see where you can see all of it!