Thursday, November 24, 2011

Feed Part 2

Titus awoke from being knocked out since his feed was cut off and he discovered his feed wasn't back on as well. They were all laying in the hospital, waiting for their parents to get there. They didn't understand why their feed was cut off, but then the police informed them that someone had hacked into the system and they were trying to figure it out. Titus and his friends were so bored and they couldn't find anything to do. They had depended on the feed their entire life. Titus went on to explain how the feed not only helped them out with educational things but it helped them come up with things that they hadn't even thought of yet. They pretty much relied on the feed to do all of their work for them and now that they didn't have it, they were completely lost and didn't know how to function. Titus just kept complaining about how bored they were and that night when they were all supposed to be asleep he heard Violet walking to the bathroom and when she came back Titus asked her to sit with him for a little while. They didn't really have anything to say to each other so they sat there in silence. Violet began to cry silently and Titus noticed it and mentioned it to her and she asked him could he not be normal for once, in other words do things without the feed. The next morning Titus's father arrives and he's dressed all business-like. He forgets that Titus can't talk in M-chat and has Titus tell him everything that happened. His father starts to talk to himself and then tells Titus he's going to the police. Violet seems like she was listening in on the conversation and Titus is worried she is going to think that he is weird or something like that. Quendy asked Violet when her parents were coming and Violet told her that they were busy with work and things and were probably not going to come at all. The group of friends decided that they were tired of being bored so they came up with this game where they took needletips and shot them at the anatomy skinless man on the wall. Violet was surprisingly good at it and she won the game every time. She tried to teach Titus how to play the game and he found it attractive that she knew what she was doing. Loga came in because it was time for the girls tv show to come on and they all sat around her while she told them what was going on. I thought that everyone lost their feed connection but apparently Loga still had hers because she was able to watch the show. The doctor came in a little while later and started making a fuss because they made such a mess with the game that they were playing and Link's mom heard him fussing and came in and told them that the kids were stressed and the game was the only thing entertaining them. Titus was really starting to get attached to Violet and he liked the fact that they were getting so close to each other. She told him that today was like a salad day and the only good part was the ranch. Later on that evening Violet spoke to the doctor and while she was out Titus had noticed that Link and Calista were hooking up. When Violet came back in the room she asked Titus to go somewhere with her. When they got where she was taking him, it was to the garden, the garden that had died because the glass windows had cracked and the moon dust and air had leaked in and killed all the plants. They stood in the middle of the garden and for the first time Titus kissed Violet.
They returned back to where everyone was and Violet and Titus were sitting on the bed talking about their families. He told her about how he had a little brother and what his parents did for a living. She told him that her dad was a college professor and he taught the "dead language." She said they were languages that weren't used anymore and she got out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote it for him. Titus was very shocked that she actually wrote things down. He had always used the feed to write things for him and wasn't used to things being done without electronics. They noticed that Marty was freaking out and crazy things were happening to him. When the others tried to get someone's attention, everyone else in the ward told them to be quiet. Titus asked Violet if her father really wasn't going to come and get her because he was busy and she told him that, that wasn't the real reason..its just what she told him.
The next day the doctor, a nurse, and a technician came in and told them that everything was back to normal and they were going to get their feed's activated. At first when Titus went to get his activated in the examination room, it wasn't working properly. It took a while for his to work, but when it did information from the feed kept pouring in. Everyone was so excited that their feed network had returned and they couldn't stop laughing. Titus looked over at Violet and she was just as happy as everyone else and they found each other's hands and danced while information poured through their feed networks.

This part of Feed was kind of interesting to read because the gang didn't really know how to work properly without their feed's working. They were completely different people and didn't know how to function without having someone help them through everything. I can understand why they were probably freaking out about not having their feed networks. It was kind of like a learning experience for them. They were used to something their whole life and in a matter of seconds it was taken away from them and they didn't know how to work without it. Violet and Titus's relationship matured in this part and it made me really happy for them to finally show their true feelings to each other and not hide them inside.

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