Monday, October 17, 2011

The Wasteland

I've been putting off this blog for a while. Me and poetry do not get along, if you couldn't tell by my quietness in class. I was really confused at what I was reading but after reading it a few times and you guys blogs I kind of understand. The first time I read it I was soo confused because it talked about so many different things and I didn't understand where all the subjects were coming from.

Section three seemed like he was talking about how everything was deserted. It was titled "The Fire Sermon," which kind of fit what he was saying to me, like everything had been burnt down and the town was empty. Just by the way Elliot is describing the town and his actions towards the audience make it seem like something terrible happened, maybe a fire. This poem really confused me, so can you guys bring it down to my level and help me out? :)


  1. HAH! I laugh because I don't really have much of an idea of what happened in this poem either. Even after class discussion I'm lost :D

  2. Yeahhhh me either! This one was so confusing, even after class I was what?????