Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This was a very interesting thing to read. I wonder if the world will really be like that in 2081. It was really weird how after just one different sound in their ears and they would forget everything that they were just thinking about and be completely clueless. It also was really weird to me how everyone had to wear those headsets and they were disciplined if they weren't wearing them. The whole story revolved around the show with ballerinas that they were watching on tv. It was really confusing to understand because all of a sudden it switched to their son being on tv and how he was a really bad criminal and how everyone obeyed to what he said. Apparently their son was seven foot tall and handsome and he spoke aloud to everyone and told them that whoever rose first was going to be his empress. When the ballerina rose, he removed her mask and took away her "handicap" bags. Also mentioned in the story the father, George, says that he was going to remove his bags and be as equal as his wife. I'm guessing that if you weren't wearing the "handicap" bags then you were lower status in society. George also mentioned that he wouldn't remove any of the weights out of the bag because he would be imprisoned and charged money if he removed them. The story reminded me of how people with Alzheimer's Disease were, in the way where they didn't remember anything that was going on after a few minutes. The only difference was that the only reason they didn't remember the things that were happening in the present time was because of a noise broadcasted into their ears. I think they try really hard to remember what had just occurred but they can't remember so they just go on about their day and act like nothing had changed.


  1. the reason that the show switched to talk about Harrison was because before he was put in jail he tried to overthrow the government. he didn't agree with the handicaps and being completely controlled by the government.

    as for the handicaps they're to make everyone absolutely equal. they want to take away the class system, so there is no difference of status in society.

    George also mentioned he didn't want to remove any of the weights because they didn't want to go back to the dark ages. they have them so brainwashed saying that not being absolutely equal in every aspect isn't good.

  2. ohhhhhh now I get why he just randomly appeared on the screen. Man they shouldn't make everyone "normal" or equal. difference is what makes the world interesting. who would want to be somewhere everyone is the same. BORINGGGGGG.